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Irresistible Chapter 2- Not Again

6. February 2014

——-Just a little note before you start to read this chapter there will be an abusive relationship between the mother & father, so be warned. Also if you were wondering Robyn is aged 10, Khloe is 12 & Rob is 11. Thanks. Leave feedback I would really appreciate it. :) Also Zayn will be involved in the story in a couple of chapters  ————-



Robyn hesitated. ‘Not again’ she thought, she slowly opened the door to hear her father cursing loudly and her mother’s cries. Robyn stood in her doorway unsure on what to do then her older sisters door opposite her swung open and she walked over to her.  

"Mom and Dad are fighting again." Khloe simply said like it was normal. Well it was normal to this family all three children born into an abusive house hold. Khloe ran into her brother’s room and rugby tackled him to the ground.

Robyn slowly made her way down the stairs wanting to know why they were fighting, she sat on the bottom step to listen in on her parents argument.

"Please John not when the kids are just up the stairs." My mother begged. 

"I told you not to leave this house without my permission." He spat at her.  

"But.. we needed some bread it’s not a big deal." She whimper’s back.  

"You’re cheating on me you little whore!" 

"John please calm down." It went silent for at least five seconds until Robyn heard a loud slapping noise and a loud cry coming from her mothers lips. Tears welled in Robyn’s eyes she didn’t understand what was going on but she knew it was bad.

Her mother ran out of the kitchen and stopped when she noticed her young innocent daughter sat with tears in her eyes. Kris made her way over to her daughter and knelt in front of her holding her bright red cheek with her palm.  

"Did you hear all of that?" Her mother questioned quietly. Robyn nodded her head not knowing what to say.  

"I’m so sorry sweetie." Tears flooded in her eyes and her head fell on to her daughter’s lap. Robyn shocked her mother was in this state stroked her hair to calm her down.  

"It’s okay mummy, don’t cry." Kris sat up and took a seat next to her daughter on the stairs and gave her daughter a small kiss on the cheek.  

"Your such a brave girl Robyn, you deserve better than this." Her mother’s voice breaking at the end of the sentence.

The kitchen door flew open and John stomped through and stood in front of Robyn and Kris sat on the steps. He saw the mascara running down Kris’s face and saw Robyn had tears in her eyes. He glared at Kris the look he gave her sent chills down her spine. Both Robyn and Kris too frightened to speak before he did.  

"Get in the living room now Kris. I need to have a few words with you."He spoke sternly. Kris hesitated and looked into Robyn’s eyes which were pleading her not to go with him but she felt like she had no choice.  

"It’s fine Robyn you go to your room sweetie." Her mother spoke gently then placed a little kiss on her forehead. John stood there glaring waiting for Kris go into the room first. Kris walked swiftly into the living room, Robyn stood up and looked at her father and he was staring right back at her. She slowly made her way up the stairs and she felt her father watching her. When she made her way to the top of the stairs she turned to see her father’s eyes still on her. He gave her a quick false smile but Robyn feeling brave shot the dirtiest look she had ever pulled quickly regretting it when she saw her father’s furious face.

Robyn raced into her room, slamming the door behind her. She leant on to the door regaining her breath. Loud cries and screams echoed through the house. Robyn put her hands over her ears to block out the noise, slowly sliding down the door. Crying silently to herself.


Irresistible -Chapter 1

6. February 2014

So this is a story I’ve written based on Rihanna & Zayn Malik since they are like my fave people. There are more chapters & I hope you like it :)


Robyn slowly opened her eyes to the sun shining through into her large bedroom. From the day she was born she had a luxury lifestyle starting as a baby model and starring in Tv advertisements. Then she got a massive opportunity to Starr in a new show named ‘Hope and Faith’ to play the role of Hope. Her mother Kris never pushed her young daughter to do anything as from an early age Robyn was ambitious. Always dreaming big.

Hope and Faith went worldwide causing Robyn to gain fortune and fame. Robyn loved the attention it’s the kind of person she is but it came at a price. She lost her privacy and independence. Having to do as her management told her but being the dreamer she is she did what she was told enjoying her job.

The role of Faith was played by a girl from London called Elizabeth. They played twins but in reality were complete opposites. Robyn was outgoing, confident and ambitious whilst Elizabeth was quiet, isolated and mysterious. Robyn and Elizabeth were close since they knew each other from a young age. Elizabeth would never speak so Robyn spoke in her place. They became sisters off screen always there for each other because most of the time each other was all they really had.

Robyn was intrigued by Elizabeth. Not one word ever came out of her mouth unless it was scripted but somehow found the mystery to her appealing. The girls were always compared and treated differently. Robyn was a clear favourite because of her bubbly personality.Elizabeth was seen as the boring one. Robyn thought differently seeing her as a jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing, she wanted to understand her.

Girls across the world would kill to be in Robyn’s position. Being a TV star, in the movie’s , model and celebrity. To an outsider she had the dream life being famous, having lots of money, big house, travelling the world and meeting big names. Robyn would consider herself lucky. She was lucky. Robyn appreciated the life she had always making the most out of it. No one knew Robyn’s home life. No one knew her secret. Her families secret.

Robyn walked across her bedroom to the balcony doors and opened them taking in the view. She looked down at her swimming pool and glanced at her father’s sports car parked in the garage. She looked beyond her home and garden to the tropical sea. The water blue and clear, so pure. Robyn loved the sea it made her feel small made her feel not important. She was just a tiny part of the ocean unlike in her world she was a huge worldwide star.

Barbados was a beautiful place to live it was paradise to many people. Blazing sunshine, tropical foods, reggae music and the clear sea. But to Robyn her paradise came with a down side. Robyn took a deep breath of the Caribbean air and made her way back into her room closing the balcony doors behind her.

She sat at her dressing table picking up her hair brush and carefully groomed her long Brown curly hair.Robyn was confident but it didn’t mean she was secure with her looks. People told her she was perfect, made her believe she was perfect but what was perfect?

She placed the brush down and stared at her reflection. Her mind was wondering of as she started to think about the new ‘Hope and Faith’ script she had to learn,but then remembering she had lots of school work to catch up on. Suddenly her thoughts came to a stop when she heard her father yelling but it wasn’t clear enough for her to understand. Robyn walked to her bedroom door and went to grab the door handle……



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